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Request a search of the Art Loss Register’s database to discover whether an item has been registered as stolen, missing, or subject to a dispute; or reported as being subject to an investigation into its authenticity.

Increasingly, the value of any valuable possession depends on the ability to demonstrate clear title and evidence of its undisputed ownership since creation. Continuing reports of international art theft indicate that many stolen works of art must be traded every year, with thieves seeking to secure a profit selling to innocent purchasers.

The benefits of searching the ALR database are twofold:

To the purchaser, a search minimises the chance of acquiring a work of art which has been stolen. Alternatively there may be some question concerning its past ownership, which could have a substantial impact on its future value and marketability.

To the vendor, a search not only minimises the chance of acquiring or dealing in stolen items, but also acts as an encouragement to buyers to know that they are acquiring the work with good title.

The process starts with your completion of the online search form and with a high-resolution photographic image. Following payment of the search fee a comparison with the 700,000 items on the database will then be carried out, and the provenance reviewed by an ALR trained expert. If these procedures do not reveal an issue with the item or its provenance, then you will be emailed a link to an ALR certificate, which confirms that at the date that the search was made the item had not been registered on the database or subject to an issue.

Please note that in order for us to issue a certificate for a searched item, we require a minimum provenance of at least the current ownership, i.e. details of the type of collection (e.g. private collection, dealer, museum), its location, and the date of acquisition of the item. Please provide any earlier provenance wherever known.

Some high-risk items, such as artworks created prior to World War Two or antiquities, will likely require more than the minimum provenance outlined above - see our guidelines for searching antiquities in particular. Please note that in those cases where minimum provenance is not provided or insufficient information is given for high-risk items, the ALR will not be able to issue a certificate. 

Searches can be paid for either on the basis of a subscription of up to 25 searches at a cost of £600, €700 or US$800 (plus VAT where applicable), or as a single search carried out and paid for on the website at the time of submission. The fees for a single search are £70, €80 or US$95 (plus VAT where applicable). Any unused search credits expire 1 year from date of purchase. The search fee is due even if a certificate cannot be issued, and the ALR reserves the right not to issue a certificate if, in its sole judgment, it believes that it is not appropriate to do so.

This process takes a minimum of three to five working days once all information requested to complete the search is received. More time will be required for items that necessitate further research, such as works at high risk of having been looted during the period 1933-45, or antiquities.

If you require an urgent search of the ALR’s database then please contact the ALR via [email protected] or on +44 (0)20 7841 5780. If all necessary information is provided and no further detailed provenance research is required a response can be given to an urgent search within one working day, or same day if possible. An urgent search will cost £300, €340 or US$400, (plus VAT where applicable).

In order to maintain their value to the Art Trade it is essential that ALR certificates are not issued on the basis of incomplete or inadequately researched information. Therefore if any further information is needed or additional research required the ALR will notify the searcher of what is believed to be necessary and inform them of any further costs that might be incurred in carrying out such research.

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