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The Art Loss Register



Register unique items on the Art Loss Register’s database, so that we can notify you if they are searched with us.

Uniquely identifiable items that are lost, missing or subject to a dispute can be registered on the ALR’s international database.

What does the Art Loss Register database include?

The Art Loss Register (ALR) database consists of over 700,000 items, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, antiquities, furniture, silver, clocks, ceramics, religious items, jewellery, watches, arms and armour, tapestries, musical instruments, coins, medals, and collectibles.

Types of registrations

Registrations include stolen, missing and looted works, as well as those subject to title disputes, freezing orders and financial liens, and within permanent collections. The database also includes details of works that have been reported with authenticity issues by police and foremost experts.

Register an item

To report an item that has been lost or stolen, please fill in a form, or contact us directly for a large loss.

To register an item that is subject to an ongoing civil dispute, subject to a security interest, or held in trust, find out more here.

What happens next?

Once registered, a work will remain on the database until recovery or the resolution of the claim against it. We carry out over 400,000 searches of items on the market each year on behalf of law enforcement agencies, more than 120 subscribing auction houses, art fairs, dealers, museums, pawnbrokers, and private collectors. If a registered item appears on the market, there is therefore a very good chance that we would identify it, at which point we would immediately contact you for you to negotiate the item’s return or reach a settlement.

Terms and conditions of registration.

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