13 Jul 2012

Austin J40 Pedal Car

One of only 700 produced by Austin between 1950's - 60's. Stolen from a private UK residence in 1998. The theft victim had kept excellent photographs of the item which clearly depicted a number of unique scratches and marks on the body of the car. The ALR successfully identified the item from these photographs when the car was scheduled for sale at auction in Melbourne in 1999.

The car was successfully recovered and the case led the ALR to over £200,000 worth of objects which were being offered for sale in Australia and had been stolen from a second private residence in the same area of the UK. The ALR relayed all of the information gathered to Interpol and UK law enforcement whose investigation led to two arrests and the seizure of hundreds of stolen items including an important collection of bronzes which had been stolen from a Paris art gallery in 1998.